Error during FTP files upload Quota exceeded


Dear team
Good day
Kindly note that I have been uploading files to my site demoschool2019.
I am getting an error “Quota exceeded”, but the total amount of uploade files is around 200 Mb, so I don’t understand why I get this error.
Could you please help me?


Hi @luisc9
We’re sorry for inconvienience, the issue have been reported to devs and will be fixed soon :slight_smile:


Thank you again @Ayu .

See below. What does this mean? What are the inodes?



Inodes are a combination of all your files, database and things brought together.
So if you have thousands of many many small files you’ll have an issue hosting your site here.


Hi @infinity I understand.

It’s really a pity. I would like to work with your services but at this point I can’t afford to pay for hosting.

Thank you.


What script are you using out of interest?


I am trying to use moodle ( It implyes more than 180,000 files.