Error establishing a database connection. Please help

I was modifying my site when the page freezes so i refresh the page and then appears the message “Error establishing a database connection”. If i access to phpmyadmin it says that it was an error connecting with the server.
Someone have the same problem? Or is it just me?

Thanks and sorry about my English.

ezgames database is currently rate limited / frozen for exceeding free plan requests.

So I’ve just lost my site?

No, read the thread.

I have to wait and the site will be available or i have to do something?

Yeah you just wait it out up to 4 hours.

If users of WordPress are experiencing issues with their website described above (or any user that has a script that utilises database)

  1. Pages take upwards of ten seconds to load.
  2. Pages refuse to load at all.
  3. Pages throw a 502 Bad Gateway error after refusing to load.

Then it will be rate limiting causing the issue as your website will have exceeded the free platform limits.

There is only a few options in this case

  1. upgrade to the unlimited premium Hostinger which is nothing like 000webhost - it has no limits, tons more features and 100% dedicated staff behind it 24/7 managed servers to help you via live chat if you had any issues - it is a completely managed platform with industry tested hardware/software.

  2. Try installing once your website has come back up from being limited - and DISABLING heartbeat everywhere.

  3. Use alternative free hosting.

Hostinger is 100 times better than 000webhost in every way, it is a professional company with real live support agents paid to make their clients happy - you get live chat inside your Hostinger panel, you get hundreds of features all inside the panel ready to use - no limitations, you get a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy! If you’ve not tried Hostinger before you should at least try the 1 month plan and see the extensive list of features and usage options you actually get!
You won’t experience any issues like you would on 000webhost which is a relatively new platform in terms of the design and is in constant development due to the expanding amount of users we get daily, there are no limitations on Hostinger which 000webhost enforce here to allow an equal experience for all the shared users. On Hostinger you are allocated onto premium servers which are monitored all the time by the team at Hostinger to provide the best experience and performance for you and your visitors.

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