Error establishing a database connection - wp


Hey guys.

I wanted to install wordpress localy in order to add a blog to my website.I’ve created and deleted several databases in order to install wordpress, username/pass and database name in config file are definitelly correct - and I still get an error when going to install.php “Error establishing a database connection”:confused:

Can anybody assist with it ? :frowning:

Thank you in advance <3


What is your website address and are you copying and pasting the values directly from the Manage Database page on 000webhost?


Thank you very much for the reply Infinity.
It is :confused: And yes, I did, every time.I am not new to databases but it’s been unsuccessful :frowning:


So when you say locally do you mean you are trying to install WordPress on your own personal computer and only use the MySQL database at 000webhost? If you are this is not available unfortunately it would be classed as RemoteMYSQL and only the premium plan offers this option.

If you mean you are trying to install WordPress on your domain .tech then this is perfectly fine and should work, if you let me know what domain you want it installed on and I can do this for you else you can download the WP installation and upload, extract, create a suitable database/username/password and enter these into the installation wizard; else you can use the automatic WP installer located on


No, not locally on my computer, I uploaded wordpress via FTP client.
Thank you very much for the reply, but I removed the website and the domain from 000webhost.
I really need it.
Thank you very much for trying to help once again.

Wish you very best!