Error :( ftp_put(): Accepted data connection when extracting theme folder in File manager Help plz


bro i dont know how to use it



@Rehan1 First zip your files and then use unzipper to unzip your files instantly.

If you want a remote assistance PM me.


@sed Use Unzipper as suggested above


You can’t extract .rar files using 000webhost file manager sorry.


What update sorry?

That you mean?





9mb in 9 seconds



What is your site sed?


I mean what is your URL sorry.


The file currently there is a .rar with Unizipper in it


Is everything working now or are there still issues to be resolved?

If there are issues do post back and provide as much information as possible. :slight_smile:


p.s. what is this!

Pancakes, bananas and syrup or something??


Yes. The .rar file isn’t working, and FileZilla files are not showing, even though the most of the files have evidently uploaded on Also, the connection to the host keeps connecting and disconnecting.

Those are homemade pancakes made of bananas and eggs. It’s one of the DIY Projects that I am presenting.


Yeah you can’t use .rar files as far as I am aware you need to zip it, upload it and extract it.


@Infinity I tried extracting the .zip into a folder, but it resulted in the same original error:

ftp_put(): Accepted data connection

Right now the files are about to finish uploading from FileZilla, so I’ll tell you if that works or not.

This is sed btw. sed account has to wait 19 hours before another reply.


I’ll change your Sed so you can reply hopefully :confused: I recommend just upload to the public_html folder it will then detect all zip files and you can unzip in seconds in the browser


So should I import the that you sent me before? Or should I add the unzipper.php file into it and then upload it to public_html?

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