Error located server-side


Hello There,

I am having some trouble with 000webhost. It’s with a normal WordPress installation. I have been able to determine that the problem is located on the server’s side of things. Hopefully a member of the systems administration team or staff can resolve this problem for me.

How I created the website:

  1. Set the nameservers for the domain to 000webhost’s nameservers
  2. Parked the domain using the 000webhost administrative page
  3. Created a website on that domain name by using the automatic WordPress installer

Everything went smoothly however when I visit the website I experience errors. When I go to the admin page I receive a 403 forbidden error from the server. When I visit the main page the CSS doesn’t load, when I try to open the CSS directly in my browser I am presented with a 403 error. At first I thought it was a permissions configuration problem.

Troubleshooting I’ve done so far:

  1. Used an FTP client to set the permissions for all files in public_html to 755
  2. deleted the .htaccess file
  3. Clicked the “fix file permissions” button in the admin section

None of these things has worked, however when I try to connect to the site from an IP address other than my own I have no problems getting the site to load. This seems to indicate that my IP address or ISP is banned or has been blocked.

Would a member of the admin team take a look and the webserver log and see what’s going on? The website address is



Hi @jixxer99!

If I may intervene, the admin page: loads ok from here…

In addition, it is recommended to keep WordPress’s cPanel address the same with website’s address :wink: But first, can you access WP Admin from the upper link I have posted?


I can add that the css loads fine form here :slight_smile:
Try clearing your browser cache, flush your DNS, hit CTRL+F5
And try this



Depending on what you’re using :slight_smile:


If you read my post you would see that I have been able to determine that its an error specific to my IP address that has to be fixed by someone on 000webhost’s side of the connection.


@jixxer99 It’s not related to your IP address.
Clear your browser cache and data and restart your PC.
This will solve your issue.

If you need remote help PM me.


I didn’t mention it in the original post but this is the first step that I took. Along with flushing the DNS resolver cache and the usual network troubleshooting steps. The website is accessable from internet connections located outside of my residence, but not from any computer using the internet connection at the residence. Therefore it has to be something specific about my internet connection.

I’m unsure of anything else besides the IP address that is unique to my home internet, therefore it must be related to that. It’s either on your end or due to something between my home internet connection and your webserver.

Please advise.


Can you post screenshot, of what happens when you try to open your domain.


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