Error messge displays on my site when processing an excel file


I want to send an excel file to my site and process their data,
if the file named english: send file without problem,
if the file named arabic: sends file with error message displays on my page.
Here is the message:
Warning : rename(include/file/print/A42GRKqpmOJvwJQdP039KVFFg/ملف.xls,include/file/print/A42GRKqpmOJvwJQdP039KVFFg/e.xls): No such file or directory in /storage/ssd4/517/9569517/public_html/takdirate.php on line 200

the operation sends file it works on my local server.

Thank you


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What is line 200? :slight_smile:


the problem not in the code, the problem that the server "", not acepted the file named arabic, acepted only file named english.

thank you


What is line 200? :slight_smile: