Error on upload files



how a fix error : temporary file is missing when i want upload media.



If you searched in our tutorials, you would’ve found the solution yourself


thnx for your answer ,i have test two method but the problem still persists.


Then try this other one


thank you this is the first solution that I applied.


So the issue is fixed?


the issue is not fixed.


is it another method to fix the error ?


Maybe @Ayu can help when he is online


Hi @etsriadsalam send me your wordpress and 000webhost account details so i can have a look onto it.



Was this resolved? @etsriadsalam


Hi infinity,
i would tested but at the moment : inaccessible.



Site loads fine here, how inaccessible? Please screenshot.

I think @Ayu is going to fix this today?


Hi Infinity,

I just tested sorry the problem still persists.


Can you try uploading now?

I created a tmp directory which was missing…

I have uploaded a test file and it appears to have worked


thanks Infinity and all who helped me.
the problem is solved


Sweet! Happy site building and get back in touch if any other issues arise.


ok thank you very much.