Error when clicking "LINK WEBSITE"


Just got my nameservers pointed to 000webhost, and when clicking to link website I get this error:

And the domain shows as “Ready”.

I know the error said that it notified developers, but that does not help me at the moment.
I have tried deleting domain from the website and adding again as parked and trying to link domain without subdomain (as I do not want subdomain, tried that too but nothing there either).


Delete it from your account and then click general > reset then try again.


The link is correct now, but now after reset and re-linking domain, I get error on configuration page/ wp-admin.

Edit: Deleted website and created new website. Domain is linked, and I am done building my website.
but when wiriting “mysite”.se, it directs to my webhost site, but shows “mysite” instead of “mysite”.se.