ES2B rate limiting

I have a problem with my site. I was working on and he don’t respond anymore (only loading but nothing append). I log into my website manager and status is functionel. But when I look disk storage it said 0% use.
So I try to connect to FTP, but I have error and can’t connect.
Database is functionel.
I really hope my file was not delete :worried:

Can someone help me to know what happened ?

My site url :

I can only assume your site isn’t loading due to exceeding free plan hourly limits, check back in an hour or two.

Checking FTP status there are a few node issues which is likely why FTP isn’t working, again check back later.

I already have multiple time the limit exceed message but this time that seem different.
And I wait since more than a hour now.

I hope this is a the problem with the FTP node.
I will wait and recontact if nothing append still tomorrow.

Thanks for your rapidity

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