Espacodover question

My site hosted at 000webhost is offline, and I didn’t delete it, what happened? please check for me
Thank you very much

Can you provide your free subdomain URL instead?
When did you last login to our control panel before this issue?

I don’t remember exactly when I logged in last time, with it’s a wordpress site I used the wordpress panel directly


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Your website was suspended on 4th and deleted sadly on 2019-10-12 00:10:25
Users must contact us within 7 days of suspension to appeal.
In this case there was no appeal found within the 7 day grace period and as a result your data was removed automatically by the system.

but why was the site deleted?
do you have any copy for me to restore the site?

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Automatically by systems policy once suspended.
Suspension was for exceeding free plan limits, users must contact us within 7 days to appeal.
We don’t keep backups no.

How do I retrieve at least the website address?
I tried to create the address and it appears that the address already exists

Previously registered domains can’t be used.

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