Establishing a database connection error


my website is giving 500 Internal Server Error. After I changed DB password. I have not a backup. I build my website in the server, not the local machine.
How to solve this. Please, help me.


@jerygomus Your website is working fine. Try Again.


when I try to login into the website it shows this error. Erro establishing a database connection.


@jerygomus Clear your browser cache and data and then try again.


Thanks @akhilkumar332 for trying in to help me.
But it doesn’t work. If you can go to the website & click on Login btn. Then it shows the same error.


@jerygomus Your website is still working fine.

Have your tried incgnito tab in chrome.

Use Google dns and try again.


Follow this information?

Make sure your username/password/database name are correct in wp-config.php and match that of what is your > Manage Database