EstebanDkn query

Hello, we recently had a problem with a 403 forbidden error with our site some weeks ago which seemed to affect many users.

The problem was solved, and we can access our Wordpress account without problems.

But when we try to login through (so we can access the cpanel, as we’d like to backup the site in case something like this happens and access the ftp, as we don’t remember the account there), for some reason it always asks to set up our initial site as if it didn’t exist.

I’m not posting the info here as I supposed I shouldn’t, but we have received no answer from the contact e-mail yet and I’d like to know if there’s another way to fix or recover the account. Thank you.

Hi, what’s the site address? No results come up under the email you’re registered on the forum with.

Also, to login to FTP you simply need the site name (without, so if your site name is then the FTP username is simply thiswebsite) and the password that was set when you created the website. If you don’t know that password, and that’s why you’re asking, then I’ll need to know the site name.

@EstebanDkn I find no emails in our inbox (moderator @ 000webhost .com) from the address you’ve used to signup to the forum.

All other inboxes are unmonitored and you won’t get a reply.

If you are seeing an installation page show up on your site - DO NOT REINSTALL.

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