Europapost inactivity

since few days the website/domain is not accessible. Also, I’m trying to access to control panel 000webhost standard login and it not works with my user and password. I have tried to renew the password and also not works. Looks like the user not exist or similar.

The Webpage is following:

Please help!

Can you provide your 000webhostapp URL and the last time you logged into our control panel?

it could be the following and I guess about max. 2 months without access to panel:

Is that possible that my account was deleted and the database is no longer exist due to inactivity?
Happy to crate the new account again with the same email, but how I can recover the website data base? there is any chance to get the MySQL data base recovered

Yes it appears the account has been removed for inactivity.
If you create a new account and website and park your domain it’ll work like normal.
Make sure to login regularly to avoid inactivity deletions.
Sadly there is no data available on the website anymore and users would be responsible for regular backups etc

Thanks for prompt answer!

I’ve just created the new account (same email) and it works. However, I’m trying to create the new web site, using the same name and it says that this name as already exist. See attached screen capture.
How can I use the same name (

, bearing in mind that all was deleted and nor longer recoverable?

Many thanks

Pick a random free subdomain in that window you’ve shown me and then later on use set web address to park your custom domain.

Cheers! thanks for support

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