Everything OK? CloudFlare timeout on site

I’ve just spotted that my site, BeachyUK.com, is down with a CloudFlare Error 524 (A timeout occurred).

Was working fine, so assume there must be an issue with 000webhost? That said, the status page is all green.

Is there a service issue currently?


Ignore me, looks like we’re back!

UPDATE (30 mins later): Can’t seem to reply to update so editing to say: we’re down again!

As my last thread was closed after the first downtime I’d noticed was resolved, I thought I’d create a new thread to ask if there’s an official statement on what has been going on over the last 2 hours?

I’m reviewing my WordPress posts, and the site has been down and back up multiple times. I reckon downtime is around 20% in the last 2 hours.

The status pages continues to say 100% green today, but clearly something is going on. I’m also using a monitoring site now to show the downtime, so it’s not just my machine.

An official update would be good, so we’re all aware of any issue and plan to resolve it.


Nothing we’ve noticed no.

Thanks Infinity.

Update for anybody else in the future that suffers. It’s worth trying to log into phpmyadmin for any databases you have. Doing so gave me an error that wasn’t in the main portal: “exceeded the ‘max_queries_per_hour’ resource (current value: 15000)”

Going back to the portal and looking at stats, I see the request time by page is close to 1 second from 12:00 today. Once the SQL lock is removed, I’ll take a look, but I imagine a plugin must have gone mad. Either that, or it’s an attack. That now explains why it worked for a while and then broke again through much of today.

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Hopefully it was just a one off thing.

Seems to be happened each hour on the hour. I see lots of emails are being sent at that time. It’s possible this is a legit WordPress plugin, or a hacker. Is there anyway in 000webhost portal to see any more about the outbound mails (e.g. header info like “to” address")? Would be good to track what this activity is.