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Howdy everyone!

Today, we have some great news, and updates for you.

  • +we need your opinion.

We’ll be creating some tools that will help you fasten your website development.

CKSoftwares API

CKSoftwares API will be basically offering copy/paste ready code like 1 click-login, and image uploader, this tool is being worked on by @ckhawand.


Hexa is a tool developed by @hexa. Basically, it is the easiest way to chat, share files, and edit code with your team (or friends)!

We need you

What matters to us is YOUR opinion, if you like the idea, hit the like button and reply to this topic, if not, well, we wont develop those free tools for you to use for FREE.

The choice is yours :slight_smile:

Can any one help to secure the form?

i like the ideas of both of these apis because they will help with teaching code to friends so i dont have to code their websites and for other purpose :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support! We really like your method of thinking :smile:


Yes, I’d love to use your tools :smiley:


Thank you! You’re inspiring us to create even better products! :blush:


We’ll keep you updated in this topic when we release our tools :slight_smile:


nice man <3 keep it up , all my support !
من تونس :*


https://cksoftwares.com has been released and is now in Beta! :smile: