Facebook share not working after parking domain


I am unable to share on the Facebook, sir could u please see… I parked my domain dogreatthingswithmoney.tk sir please could u see its working fine and how to share to Facebook.


Go to Wordpress dashboard then go to settings and then general. Just you change wordpress url and site url with custom domain. Maybe fix your problem.


Thank you very much its working now…

But chrome saying the URL is not secure do u have any idea how to make it a secure url!


Well i think it’s the 000webhost certificate that bugged a little bit so it doesn’t secure your webpage


Hi @Dilip619!

Try sharing with http instead of https:



Actually you need to use CloudFlare since the SSL doesn’t work on parked domain.

Check this tutorial : How To Use Cloudflare For SSL !


Yes I used cloudflare , not working.