File & FTP Manager - Problem


Hello! I’m trying to upload my site through file manager and also filezilla, but I have not gotten any delstes. What can it be? I need to submit my site!
Using File Manager I have this problem, as this print shows

and when I try Filezilla I can not, see the image

I have no problem accessing any web page, only these problems reported, as in the images. Please inform me of the problem!


Try turning FTP off/on :slight_smile:


As above, and also try “Repair” button available in “Settings” >> “General”.


|Error:|Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity|

|Error:|No se pudo conectar al servidor|

I have the same problem, the repair button does not solve anything … :frowning:


Try turning FTP off/on


Local computer or network issue it seems, what firewall/antivirus do you have? Who is your ISP?

Have you tried the following: