File Manager fails to load


File Manager fails to load for me. Status shows all green. Site running OK. 75% of attempts now load the top bar, but nothing else loads, it just hangs. Been like that since yesterday.

Domain - xxxxxxxx

Please can admins/mods check, a node problem perhaps?



Should be running now :slight_smile:


Sadly no, rotating red circle only under the File Manager title and the 000WH logo. Tried with several browsers, never had the issue before.


Well, it does work here


Oh my. Maybe a DNS problem this end, I’ll change it and see what happens.


I recommend cloudflare’s ones :smile:

Instead of and use


Switched to cloudflare last week… I’ll switch back, just in case.



No difference after changing DNS. But using a VPN meant I could get in to the File Manager, but the connection was unreliable, so I suspect routing issues somewhere… ??

Now accessing the website is hanging for me too, with an occasional "Bad Gateway error reported… so whatever it is is getting worse! Any ideas?



I guess your connection is broken :slight_smile:


It’s the only site I have a problem with. “Bad Gateway” I believe will be a problem at your end …

I’ll leave it until tomorrow and see what happens.



Well, it is still working here…


All OK this morning, there may have been a routing problem between us, hence the hangups, stalls and so on.

Thanks for your help.