File Manager & FTP may not be working for some users


File Manager & FTP status currently: access intermittent
Please DO NOT create any threads regarding access issues to FTP or File Manager - they will be deleted.
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Can’t Acess FTP (filezilla) of or File Manager (web)
Problem with File manager [ftp_rawlist() error]

Apologies to the small pool of users that will still be experiencing loss of access to FTP or File Manager currently.

The developers are aware of the issues and they are working on them.

The status page located here reflects there is no issues currently - this is not true I’m afraid, there are access issues with the FTP & File Manager for a small amount of users which is intermittent and will hopefully be resolved at some point by the team and a resolution will be posted here to update you that it has been 100% fixed. The status page does not detect these issues because it simply checks the FTP/File Manager connections as being online, not that there is a loss of access to some accounts and their files.

If you would like to post your 000webhostAPP URL below in the thread you can do so and I may check on an individual basis, but this won’t mean your access issues will be resolved faster I will simply compile a small list of affected applications to provide to developers.

Please remain patient while our developers resolve these issues totally and you do not have to upgrade to resolve issues, as your limited access will still be the same and the Hostinger team won’t be able to complete the data transfer for free as included in the premium version so this won’t help - there isn’t any point upgrading if you think it would fix it as the transfer team will face the same issues when trying to retrieve your 000webhostAPP content.

Feel free to use other free services if you feel you cannot wait for FTP & File Manager issues to be resolved - if you have a premium / custom parked domain simply update the nameservers to the new hosting provider and it will resolve within a few hours typically.

As always we advise and urge users to backup regularly - make sure to take backups in advance of making changes to your websites and after making the changes take another backup but don’t overwrite the old backup - it doesn’t hurt to have before/after backups. 000webhost free hosting services doesn’t provide any backup options on the free plan - Hostinger meanwhile does - we don’t keep any backups at 000webhost at all and cannot accept any responsibility for loss of data if it was accidentally deleted for example or infected with malware through insecure plugins/themes/scripts etc.


You may track/subscribe/watch this thread for updates.


its like its taking forever but i hope it doesnt actually take forever before it gets resolved


I am a student.


I still have problems



When there any updates myself or a developer will comment and change the status/banner to show that the issue has been fulled resolved.
Until then access may come/go while they resolve it.


I’m brazilian and:
Mine worked correctly, but in the last days I can no longer access “File Manager”.
My web address:




Also affected


Please help.Any network cannot be connected to the server and i’m so worried.


please check its FTP ,thanks


Any updates regarding time frame, we’ll let you know.


Plz post your query along with the details you’ve provided, so that we can help you.


Can’t access my FTP connection. It keeps timing out.

#41 issued from 6 days


please does this affect the upgraded users also?


No completely separate systems but there is no point for you to upgrade as the transfer team won’t be able to use your FTP if you cannot use it


Unable to log into cPanel for last several days. Keeps timing out.