File Manager & FTP may not be working for some users


Great fun! :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: @developers notified.

Regarding original FTP issue developers are still trying workarounds & troubleshooting unfortunately due to the way the system works for some reason one part of the authentication is causing troubles.


Can i upgrade when this problem is resolved?


Of course!
I mean you can upgrade now if you want and still have full access to the services :smiley:


( having issues with my ftp …for some reason not giving me access…when i go in browser to site all my files seem gone like it was reset lucky i have a backup the only issue is getting my fillezilla ftp connecting to webhost.


Can you try over a VPN and then try again, see if this helps?


Cannot connect WebFTP and Filezilla.
I can connect, but timeout.
Please repair must fastly.


Can´t access FTP, can´t use mail functions on sites.
1 week passed and no solution.

Work to do, things to finish, and nothing…

PS: not to mention the DDOS attack 2-3 weeks ago


Can’t access FTP either. Tried a VPN with no luck.

hopefully fixed soon, i’m already late on 1 assignment.


Hi guys!

I’m new here, first reply, but this FTP issue can cause this issue I’m having?


Thank you very much !


It’s been about a week since I was last able to use the File Manager or FTP in.




Same issue has been 5 days now tried even with vpn or filezilla:



Hello, file manager and ftp don’t work a week ago.


Hello !

I cannot connect to FTP, is there a way to transfer files for my website please ?

I still have the timeout error after the password on Filezilla…

Thank you


Hello admins and community!
Same problems here width FTP connection (I’m using Filezilla).
Though my original site works fine (, it’s the second one (added one day ago) which doesn’t connect to FTP:

Thank you in advance!

P.s.: First post and absolute newbie in web stuff, hope I’m not missing anything…


@ sulliops posted a nice thread on the situation with more information.

So until the banner changes / a staff member posts here that the issue is fully resolved there will be intermittent access issues.


Same problems here width FTP connection.


There are some issues, read: Regarding Recent Outages


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There are some issues, read: Regarding Recent Outages