File Manager & FTP may not be working for some users

We’ll let you know if there are any updates from the Admins regarding this.

I had been experiencing the same exact problem, I was able to resolve File Manager problem by going into Settings->General and then on “FTP Details” turn “FTP Transfer”->OFF, wait a few seconds and then turn it back ON. That make the difference for me.


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Just tried that, didn’t work here :frowning:

We know you’re working. The problem persists for 1 month.
Tell us the fix time. :slight_smile:

ftp_rawlist() problem here:



When I try to access to my File manager ( I get the next error:

ftp_rawlist(): Unable to create temporary file. Check permissions in temporary files directory.

I’ve tried to logout and login again several times but I never can access to the files.


P.D: Sorry, I’ve read this thread late [File Manager & FTP may not be working for some users]

i’m having the same problem T_T

Cannot access File Manager, help! I am student

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We’re looking into it

Already running fine.


I can access file manager, but for FTP I always get “Log in details are not correct.” and it has been this way for over a month now. Tried redefining password many times, once again today to no avail.

Again, the error “ftp_put (): Disk full - please upload later” when downloading files. Website
FTP off-on, and the restoration of the site performed.