File Manager Log in details are incorrect


Ok now a day later unleashyourmedia is not working…wth is going on?


I have this problem
My website:


I have this problem
My website: ://


I’ve passed this account to a developer to check on. @rodavid5
The same for you @unleashyourmedia


Same problem - logged in as normal, but when trying to upload files using ‘File Manager’ the site reports “Log in details are not correct” even though i’m logged in?


Hello there,

Have you tried using a different browser, let me know how it goes.


Yes, MS edge and Chrome.


What URL exactly is affected?


Just gone to settings changes FTP password, logged out, then back in again - now all OK?


Great, if that solves it then perfect.
I’ll not add your account to the list for the developer to check on.


It’s working now, thanks


log in details is ok but when i upload file it says action is unavailable right now


it popped back up again, started to do it agian, it gives the message “Log in details are not correct.”


my login details are showing incorrect
my url is


Try now please


The first account was still working for me so I’ve fixed your second account coinhive, hopefully they are both still working for you.

Hopefully all these issues will be resolved soon once the new storage is correctly installed.


It still does not work
What will?


I cant access my file manager either.
i am getting error: Log in details are not correct.

my url is


I also cannot access my ftp


Guys try hitting the repair button :slight_smile: