File manager login

i can not login in my file manager.I have changed my ftp password but still i can not login
What should i do?

ok thank you

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I too… I can’t login to filemanager… show error ‘Log in details are not correct.’

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@ferito @darkhunter i guess there’s some internal problem going on.Try after sometime !!!

i cant too. it give me this error: “Log in details are not correct.” although i come direct from members/domain/files

I also can’t log in to my file manager. I tried changing the password for the ftp by got notified that the developers have been notified.

Just tried to access my ftp manager, now sorted, yappy!!

@snapBoy @yungcet Try again…Now its working…if not try to login again.

Done now it is fine cool, thanks @akhilkumar332

yah it si working now. was it an internal error?

thanks men it is working now

I guess…But i can’t confirm it !!!

All working my end.

Any issues are posted there.