File Manager Nothing Works


I Tryd unzip a zip file didn’t work. I Tryed delete files didn’t work. What work in this file manager??


What is your application name/URL?


File Manager is functioning fine for your account.
It appears the .zip you’ve uploaded though is a bit corrupt from checking?


I will try another file but what i need write in location to unzip in current folder?

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Just type .


I tried, but nothing happened so I thought I was doing it wrong or not working


Weird typed . for you and extracted it :slight_smile:


Thanks Infinity its weird indeed because when a typed e clicked extract nothing happened…

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I don’t understand I did the same in another folder with another file and doens’t work and this in another browser


Any screenshots of what is happening?


You’ll have extracted files in your root directory now, apologies.


So I click extract and nothing happened


Weird I can only suggest trying a different browser if you’ve not already?
I can extract on Chrome/Canary/Mozilla/Edge with no issues currently.


I discovered what happened I was using the top menu to do and it was not working with the right mouse button worked

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