File Manager problem?


When I’m in File Manager and click on the red “Update Files Now” button, it’s not getting anywhere. The screen is loading forever and I don’t get to the list of files on the server.

Any help please?


What is your URL?


I am also not able to login into the file manager, where as sometimes it will and some times it will not. and getting error message like “Log in details are not correct.”

and there are times it will log into but it will not show any files and folders where as site is working.

and there are times when it will login and show files and folders but file use to be blank when trying to edit where as that page is opening properly.


very weird :confused:
I know during the upgrade there will be times of inaccessibility unfortunately but the gains of the upgrade outweigh this - either that or they just completely disable all accounts until the upgrade is complete but we think varied access (automatically while the new storage servers are configured not literally we are clicking no to this user, yes to this user, the system will just not allow access while it performs file moving operations in the cloud)


Something like that happens to me. If I try to upload files via FTP client, it disconnects on time-out. :frowning:


@cauracounty ignore any suspension emails I did suspend your account but unsuspended it straight away I was just curious if this would help the issue for yourself for getting access as I managed to load your File Manager up fine with your files showing :confused:

@bald_eagle I managed to load your File Manager as well only a few files but they loaded okay.

I would just suggest tracking the following topic and after the administration have finished doing their upgrades everything should be hunky dory.