File Manger and FTP


I’m a new user here. Finding the File manager running very slow and timing out trying to upload files. Also trying to use FTP with filezilla. I have gotten connected a few times but most of the time it will not connect. Get server time out. Not sure what is going on. I am trying to set up a free website to see if I want to recommend to some of my customers if they want to use 000webhost to host their websites and maybe move some of my customers here. Hope you can help me with what I am doing wrong or if something is wrong with File manager and FTP. Thanks in advance for any help. WLSetzer


I believe there is going to be some work on FTP either today or tomorrow so you may see improved speeds of loading and transfer after tomorrow :slight_smile:

File Manager has been working today for me but it has been a little slow when initially opening it, after that it seems fine - my uploads were fast enough and my file edits were being saved correctly.

FileZilla/FTP has been working correctly too - if you face any issues do screenshot them and post back here also with your error printout log it gives you.

When using FileZilla or any FTP software it is best to set it up correctly and not use “Quick Connect” etc.
See the tutorials section for more information.


Thanks for the reply. I will give it a few days and see how things go. WLSetzer


More info on filezilla. Here are the settings I have for connection using filezilla
Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
Encryption: Use explicite FTP over TLS if available
Logon Type Normal
User: wlsetzer-usaf
Password: my wlsetzer-usaf website password.


Hi @wlsetzer!

I have refreshed the FTP connections for your website. Please try browsing File Manager again.

If the issue persists, please change your website password from 000webhost cPanel > Settings > General > Password and try browsing File Manager again.

To connect over FileZilla, please follow this tutorial:

Please let us know if issue persists.


Encryption should be PLAIN/None if possible.


I have the same problem whit the FTP connections in my website


Have you tried the above?
If not do so and post back with screenshots/error logs please.


I have check all my FTP settings and they are correct per the instructions you have listed. I even installed the latest version of Filezilla. Server timeout is the error message I get. I assume the host I am trying to connect to is since that is what is listed as the host name in the setup. I have tried pinging but get timeout on all the pings. I have also switch the Spectrum (my ISP provider) DNS servers to use Google DNS servers and OpenDNS servers but nothing helps. I’m at a lost now on this connection problem. On the File manager problem it is still very very slow connection or switching folders and times out before getting switch asking me to sign in again. If I do get the files uploaded the website itself works fine. It’s just getting the files uploaded that is the problem.
Again thanks for any help.


Timeout via ping/ 100% packet LOSS is normal it will happen with any user; regarding the other issues they are being worked on now.


I’ve been trying to ftp my website for at least three days now. This is very frustrating. When is this problem going to be resolved? Thanks


I have re contacted the devs about your issue.


Still problems connecting using File Manager or FTP. I am trying to upload some files to the first free website (wlsetzer-genealogy) I am trying to get working on I wanted to test using to see if I can recommend to my paying customers moving their websites here. I have been trying for over 2 hours this morning to upload and change about 5 files using both FTP and File Manage. Until these problems are corrected and I can connect using FTP or File Manager to upload and or change files I cannot recommend using I will say that once I can get the files upload and or changed the website itself seems to work ok.


The FTP issue is more complex than it seems, it might take longer than excpected :slight_smile: