Files aren't full when going on website


Hello! I have a really weird problem.

When I upload my files, everything works well, but when I go on my website, the files aren’t full.

For example, I uploaded a JavaScript file, everything’s fine, it worked well. But when I go on my website, a function’s missing.This thing happen with every files.

Could you help me?


What’s the website in question?


The website:
Here is an example:
The file “index.js” has “ActualiserBarres” function (from line 4 to 7) when I check the file via the File Manager:

The file “index.js” doesn’t have “ActualiserBarres” function when I go on the website and watch the sources:


Hit CTRL+F5 please :slight_smile:


Oh, that worked! I didn’t even know this command. Thanks and sorry for disturbing you! =)


Anytime! :slight_smile: