Flash Photo Gallery (Webplus X8) Not Working in Edge


I realise this issue may have appeared several years ago but this was before changes.

Up until recently my site hosted by 000etc played flash photo galleries produced in Webplus X8. Today the galleries are not showing when I upload them. I thought at first it was something I needed to do but they play perfectly well in Internet Explorer but not in Edge. Edge has its Flash Player enabled.

Help please?


I think this issue is not related to 000webhost as it works on other browsers, this may be something related to microsoft edge, and webplus X8.
Maybe they can help you more @akhilkumar332 @NGINX


@OldKarateOne Can you post screenshot of your issue while using edge and while using other browser??


Hi @OldKarateOne!

Also, what is the website in question?


Thank you - sorry for delay - teaching until very late last night. The first is in Edge the second Explorer




Hello - did you have any luck identifying the problem please?


can you give page link of the above screenshot?


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