Forbidden issue, and i need the files

#1 Is the site in question, as I read about maitnenance, its normal for it to show as “forbidden” this next week, but i really need the files (html), png’s, etc, today.

My school group made the account, and we all forgot the access codes, is there anyway we can be sent the files that were on there? the public ones? such as index.html, and background pictures.


What is your email address?


We honeslty dont remember what email we used, it might’ve been the email on the homepage of (which we cannot see now) or it was a temporary email made by

It seems like a mess, and it really is, but we would be very grateful if we could have the files/have the server online.



There is no ETA on when the maintenance will be over, but don’t worry, all your files are secured and won’t be lost :slight_smile:


Hi @manineedthis!

Your website is loading fine now.

I believe it is accessible over FTP as well :wink: