Forgot my account's email

due to the long time of inactivity, I forgot my e-mail that runs my website.
the website is “
I am aware that the email which I am logged in from to this forum is running a website already.
as I am aware that the website mentioned above is archived.
Help please, Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there, as far as my checks reveal that account in total was removed and deleted for user inactivity which in turn deleted all websites under it. (The archive page will forever appear) The URL is unusable as it has been deleted.

Users must remain active to continue on the free learning platform once per month into the panel.

Users who don’t login regularly to the 000webhost control panel to confirm active learner status are deleted automatically per inactive user policy.

Users are responsible for regular backups as agreed upon signup and the terms of service state we do not accept responsibility for data loss, any loss of files would be the fault of the user for not regularly backing up as required.

You can create a brand new account using a reputable email address provider and create a new 000webhostapp URL with alternative naming as deleted subdomains are blacklisted by policy and cannot be reused.

Upgrading will not bring any data back and it will not allow you to use the same 000webhostapp URL.

Ensure to take future regular backups along with remaining active on the 000webhost control panel to avoid inactivity deletion.

Further information to backing up your website / data can be found on the community forum.

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