Forgot password not coming to mail


I am not getting the reset password link on mail. I forgot my password for loging into wordpress. I checked spam folder also tried many times. My website is


I’ve requested a reset email, please wait 4 hours.


Yes I got and changed. But I am not able to login to wordpress.


See the bottom script


I don’t know how to reset


See bottom script


Sorry I don’t know how to reset from the above instructions. I tried one. Reset mail not come. Could u please help me.


WordPress is a third party script.

Open this link

Follow the bottom emergency script instructions.


I don’t know how to do that could u please do that for me. Thank u so much. Please help me.


No sorry I cannot.
It is the most simple task ever, please download their script, upload to 000webhost, visit the script, select a new password, remove the script.


Yes I did it. Uploaded through file manager and created a new folder and upload the script and visited the website as they told but getting a message like this could u please guide me how. Thank u.


Just upload emergency.php into the public folder and visit it.


I don’t know how. Well I tried the other method and now my issue solved. Thanks for the support.


Good day!

What is your Wordpress username?


My mail id…


Did you reset your wp password already?


Yes. The reset link come to mail so reset password done. Tq u sir.


So you’ve got into wp-admin?



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