Forum Account Verification Issues

Dear Customers,

We are experiencing some problems with part of our services, problems which are affecting the ability of our Forum to send verification emails properly. If you are unable to verify your Forum account due to lack of confirmation email arrival, please submit an email to and request us to activate your new Forum account. Your request must contain your Forum email address and username.

Please do not submit more requests at once.
Accounts will be activated within 48 working hours.

We do not reply whether the registered account provided by you has been activated or not. Therefore, if your account is not activated within the given timeframe, we kindly ask you to recheck the information you have supplied to us, and resend another email to the address provided above and request us to activate your new Forum account.

We sincerely apologize for inconvenience.


In the meantime, you can join our discord server if you don’t want to wait for the delay of manual account verification

The issue has been resolved. Emails are now working again!
Huge shoutout to the developers!