Forwarded email does not work


I set an email forwarder, and none of the tests I run in the “contact” form in my website seems to send any email to any of the email adreses I set…I don’t know what’s happening.


Hi @jularemen!

E-mail forwarder forwards e-mails from to

Is the form built using Zyro Website Builder?


Yes, and its done correctly, just like you point.

I even set other emails to test in the “contact form” properties and neither works…


Even deleted my firts option as forwarded email and set another one to test…same thing.


I have sent you a test e-mail to info@harm*******.eu. Did you received it to your mailbox?


Yes!!! It was there…then why the contact forms doesn’t? I think the settings are ok…I tried in that settings to send this form to that same info@ and to my mailbox too and do not receive nothing.


I have disabled the SMTP setting in Zyro. I have successfully tested the form and managed to send e-mails to my personal mailbox.

I have sent you an e-mail as well. Have you received it?


I have. In last days I tried with and without SMPT and there was no way it worked. What have you done?
Thank you so much.


Sorry for late reply.

Sometimes it doesn’t work because e-mails are sent from 000webhost machine, and mailing servers might be temporary down.

Make sure you have not exceeded the daily e-mails quota (max 50 e-mails/day).


What email provider are you forwarding to?

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