Free Account Limitations


Hello, I have been using your service to develop my website ( for about a month now, and cant say i’m entirely pleased with the service recently. After last weeks issue with the extremely long load times and now having 502 bad gateway errors almost non stop since this weekend, I may be looking to move to a different service. However, until these issues started popping up I was happy with hosting here. I’m curious if upgrading to a premium account would move me to a different server that may have fewer rampant issues, or if I should move on to another host. I’m not reaching any of the posted limitations of a free account, but if a premium account would circumnavigate all of my current errors id be willing to consider it. As it stands, I cant remain hosting here when I only have access to my website <50% of the time


Okay, upgrading to premium moves you from 000webhost servers to Hostinger powerful servers.
In addition, 000webhost is not a tester for hostinger :slight_smile: