Free Hosting Backup

Trying to find the backup button in the cpanel, but no longer there.

How am i do download and save a full copy of my website and forum, there is well voer 100k files to save. I cannot do this manually one at a time.

Are you using the new control panel?

No, it has not switched t othe new one, and if doing so may cause me to lose my site switching over.

If it was better, why hasnt it switched my panel to the new one and preserve all my data. Im currently hosting a forum with over 150k views annually and has a lot of files. I am not going to resign up to use the new system and by doing so lose all my work.

Not sure if it was a paid service then I’d be kicking up a fuss but since at the end of the day it is free and your content is displayed for free with no adverts I can only assume that taking backups could be the user’s responsibility.

Could give that a go, upload the script and it’ll back your site up into one downloadable zip file but not sure on the max file/operating sizes that free hosting gives you.

That code did not work, so i am using FTP client to do an automatic backup/transfer to my local server so i have it backed up this month.