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The following message comes up when i select website builder
" Great! Loading Easy Website Builder for you…
No code knowledge is required, our magical elves will do all the job!"
along with the red circle looking like it’s loading but getting no further.

I had this issue last month and somehow the issue was resolved as i was able to continue editing the site as recently as 4th October.

Having read some forum posts, i see Zyro builder is discontinued in webhostapp. My question is were can i go from here as Webhostapp still says they provide free webhosting so how do i continue with that? Start from scratch or other?


Hi there, so sorry you’re having trouble with the website builder. Unfortunately, as you read, it’s been deprecated and can no longer be used to edit your site. You have a couple options:

  1. Edit the existing HTML code yourself. I helped write a script that will organize the code and make it easier for you to edit, if you’d like to try that (backup your site first). [NEW] Zyro File Structure Fixer

  2. Use the new version of Zyro at

  3. Create a new site from scratch using something like Wordpress, or even just learn HTML.

Hi, Thank you for getting back to me.
I’ve a few questions. About option 1

  • how do I backup my site? I have some HTML experience so if I can edit it myself I like that option.
    Regarding option 2
  • that costs money yes? The new version at
  • Regarding option 3
    Is Wordpress free? and is that in webhostapp?


You can backup your site via a few methods: you can connect using an FTP client (instructions in your website panel) and drag and drop all the files in public_html to a folder on your local machine, download them all individually from the File Manager, or upload a script such as unzipper.php and create a downloadable ZIP archive.

The new has a free plan with ads, as well as premium plans without ads and with more features.

Wordpress is free, and it can be installed easily through your 000webhost panel.

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