Freenom domain not working

Hey guys, I have got a freenom domain (.tk), I have entered the right nameservers and I have made it so like my .tk domain points to my 000webhost website. When I entered my .tk domain it opened a white blank page, and nothing else.

Before the new 000webhost panel, I have just setup DNS, entered IP and stuff like that. Now I don’t even know what is IP of my website. Also I have added a domain in “Set web address” added my .tk domain there and it still says “Waiting for nameservers” that has already been there since yesterday. Any help?

How you checked this tutorial on… how to point domain fro freenom to 000webhost!!!
See if this helps you!!!

I have the same problem:

I went to Freenom.
changed namservers to and

Nothing has happened

@RufusVS wait till your name servers gets fully propagated and then try again.

I had a feeling it might be something like that. Do you have a feeling for how long that typically takes?

I think that the tutorial should add that fact:
“It make take time for the domain to propagate through the servers.
Allow for at least xxx minutes/hours/days…”

Have you parked your domain under set web address @

I’m pretty sure I did. I did see that there was a notice at freenom that it could take up to 24 hours for the name servers to propagate.

I’ll look again tomorrow.

I can see that your domain is pointing to the correct nameservers - so in my opinion all is good at Freenom,

However is your domain coming up with under set web address as parked? or linked?

My domain seems to be forwarding okay, but when I access my site using the other domain name, I get a different result than accessing directly.

Your Site is working fine.

I’m trying to find out where those files are located on my website.

Log in to FIle manager and check “public_html” directory.

Sorry, now I figured out what happened. I must have been unhappy with the facilities provided by and re-directed it to siteground. I forgot.
My mistake.