Frequent logging out of File Manager

I get logged out of File Manager very frequently while making any action like saving, opening a folder, or pressing any button. This happens very frequently and hence after I type a long piece of code and press the save button, i get logged out and I have to retype it all again.
And yeah, there’s only this one connection active. I’m am not connecting via any other FTP sources simultaneously.


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Yeah the free service FTP has a short timeout on FTP, enough to browse folders continuously and quickly make very small edits but I’ve found it myself I’ll be updating a config file and save, and boom logged out - changes lost.

Try to make changes locally and upload and overwrite, the developers are aware of the timeout.

oh, that’s bad.

I wrote this topic because of what happened this time.
I logged into my account, opened file manager, opened the first folder and boom I was logged out. Hardly 5 seconds, which made me think it was a bug rather than a feature :joy:

I could suggest maybe a constant timeout (current system surely is buggy as I experience a very random timings of logging out) and maybe a timer that’s shows how much time until you’re logged out.

Hmm I could only suggest clearing browser data completely and logging into > File Manager > Upload Files and hopefully the session stays long enough to perform a few actions.

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I shall test for a few and then report back if it’s still unreliable.

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Could try the repair feature from general settings on and toggling FTP off then on.

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I’m done with this. I opened File Manager, added one line of code, clicked save and boom…it’s gone again.

Do the edits locally and upload.
All that can be done currently

That’s a great suggestion, except I, for one, can’t connect via FTP either. I’ve tried 3 FTP programs as well as my own upload script. This is now 4 straight days of not being able to make any changes to my website either via ftp or via my browser.

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I can see your account is on an affected server where login is failing, your data is safe and you’ll have to wait until developers resolve the login issue.

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