FTP and File Manager Not Working Too

After I change my first file nothing worked more!
My FTP timout connection 30 sec after check the password.
My File Manager timeout and show wrong password or user
when put manual or redirect from panel!
Repair not working too…
By the way nothing work here. only login page. No one more!
I use the config insecure ftp in filezilla and not working too.
By the way I open other ftp account from other server provider and work!
I use 100 Mbps network and the problem is there.

Without open anything. The connection not works. Don’t show files. FTP is dead :frowning:

The new domain I create today is working, but my first site stay with ftp problem yet.

You’ve forgotten to attach your 000webhostapp URL in your post.

It is likely FTP is affected for your account that is all.

sparkcoins domain doesn’t worked ftp and file manager

As above I need the URL(s) to check - but it is most likely because there are nodes overloaded on the free plan.

We don’t allow faucets/coin generator scripts on the free plan, you’d be best seeking alternative hosting as it will be likely suspended soon.

Right, but website with news can host right? I can change the site.
I need connect to the ftp to change the content.

Yeah gotcha, you’ll have to wait out the FTP issues at this present time then.

my site doesn’t a faucet. I have the name coin because is about crypto currency.

Right gotcha… I’ll believe you :slight_smile: