FTP and File Manager problems. Is it the server?

Hi, I’ve been trying to upload files via ftp and file maganer but none of them are working since yesterday afternoon. It’s weird, because it worked fine yesterday morning.
Filezilla’s error is ETIMEDOUT.
And File Manager’s is the same.
I tried setting down the firewall, proxies and everything but still doesn’t work.
I also tried increasing the timeout values, but it throws the same error.
Is it me? Is it the server? Any ideas?

Seeming to be working fine currently.

Hello there :slight_smile:

So I have checked our FTP systems and they all appear to be in working order and responding to my requests with no issues at all.

I have checked your actual FTP account and it connects fine for me via files.000webhost.com in the browser.com and via FileZilla FTP client.

I have checked from my own network and a third party network in Germany and both checks respond OK for me.

I would think there a local network issue between yourself and our servers or a temporary timeout possibly.

I would advise in this order

  1. Toggle FTP OFF then ON.
  2. Change FTP / Website Password
  3. Try using a PROXY or VPN (https://windscribe.com)
  4. Use alternative DNS to rule out any kind of local routing issue of your network administrator / ISP.
  5. Reboot / Power cycle your router if possible to gain hopefully a new Dynamic IP address if you are able to

After these steps if you are still facing issues I can only recommend creating a new website to see if this allows a connection if it does, then possibly there may be some sort of limiting on your IP address and the original website FTP which I can ask developers to look into but there would be no ETA, likely a week or more for this.

I used a VPN an then worked fine. But, why? Just curious.

A temporary issue between your computer, ISP and our servers at a guess or your firewall/ISP is blocking us.

Thanks! You’re amazing!