FTP connect issue


First of all, I wanted to say hello to all community and happy new year to everyone !
I’m trying to upload a simple HTML website that i already created locally on my computer but I can’t connect ;

  • through the website integrated FTP java module (it wont load) ;
  • using both Filezilla and SmartFTP (recommended tools) :
    |Statut :|Résolution de l’adresse de files.000webhost.com|
    |Statut :|Connexion à…|
    and then nothing…it purely disconnects…
    I had a look at server status on 001 and every server works at 99.99% and it’s been since yesterday that i tryed… Still unsuccessfully.
    I disabled my Anti-virus (Kaspersky Free) and it’s still the same, I also tryed to use WinSCP but it wont connect.
    It’s like there is no FTP server on . If someone has the same issue, please tell me what can I do, i’m lost.



Try using files.000webhost.com


Thanks for your answer @ckhawand !
Unfortunately, same problem. Unreachable.
Maybe it’s because i’m a french user and France is banned for any reason ?
Still need help !


Try accessing it via proxy.000webhost.ml


Can we get a print out or screenshot of the FileZilla logs






Seems better with the proxy… but i have the wrong auth infos for it :-\


It seems the problem come from my Internet provider.
I put all my local site on a usb key and from someone else’s connexion, i can upload files via FTP with no problem…
I don’t need regular updates so It’s Ok for me, my portal is online and that’s enough.
Thanks to those who answered !