FTP core issue Colin68


I get an error when trying to connect FTP ( Core ftp)

I have just upgraded my pc.
But otherwise things were working 100%

My other 2 web sites are working fine by FTP , it is just this one that fails…

All settings are 100% same as old pc ( I have treble checked)
I have since tried:
password change
reset website

Welcome to Core FTP, release ver 2.2, build 1922 (x64) – © 2003-2018
WinSock 2.0
Mem – 8,270,384 KB, Virt – 137,438,953,344 KB
Started on Friday February 08, 2019 at 18:25:PM
Resolving files.000webhost.com
Connect socket #1424 to, port 21…
220 ProFTPD Server (xxxxxxxx) [::ffff:]
USER xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
500 USER: Operation not permitted


Have you used plain FTP?


Yes I have
I get the same response - Operation not permitted


Have you tried a different FTP client or does File Manager on our site work?