Ftp disconnect every minute?

please I can’t upload my site …after one minute or less more the ftp service disconnect ?
I use the ftp web service

Good day!

All our FTP servers appear to be up. What is your website address? :thinking:

I have tested the FTP connections for your website and they work ok. Please clear your browser cache and try accessing File Manager again.

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yes but when I try to upload files the website disconnect and shows me the login screen ?!

In the future be sure to include your 000webhostapp URL in your opening post.

Before posting about a problem in the future if you see pinned threads / search for recent threads relevant to your issue to avoid posting a duplicate thread issue.

What size do your files have?

is there a size limit for free hosting?

1000MB of website file storage.

I wouldn’t advise using our free website hosting for uploading files to supply to download i.e. .pdf/.zip/.rar/media files at all.

If you are still having issues try a different browser or just use FTP client as suggested.