FTP Doesnt work


Hello, why my FTP doesnt work ?? i dont have change my password, or host or login…
can u help me plz ?


Please screenshot all and any errors and upload here via the forum or using img tags and using imgur.com



I have just tested FTP from here in the UK and it is working fine right now, there is a WordPress installation in your public_html folder.

Try using “Site Manager” option of FileZilla and retry?



i have one other account, he work… but not that account…


Interesting :confused:

I’m unsure why you are not able to connect at the moment, are you able to use the File Manager when logged into 000webhost.com?


Can you try Site Manager with PLAIN security option anyway?


i cant from File Manager … :frowning:


What message if any do you get when launching File Manager on 000webhost.com?


OHHHH ! with insecure its good !!! thanks thanks thanks !!! :))))


Great to hear!

Any more issues do post back! :smiley: