FTP doesn't working

Why are there issues with FTP every day?

Well a free service with millions of users isn’t exactly easy to upkeep for absolutely free… so.

Rofl and you think anyone will pay for something which doesn’t working?
Its even the same issues if i use it on web. So maybe its time to hire or pay a web technician instead.

Different platforms :slight_smile:
Maybe try alternative free hosting if you aren’t content.

Our developers are doing their best to handle all inevitable issues. Paid plans represent only a quarter of our total amount of customers. Free platform serves for more than 22 million users.

What needs to be noted is that paid plans do not share the same hardware with free ones. Furthermore, free plans are not a snapshot of our premium service.

Sure, any excuse is futile from our side, though managing a network as large and compact as 000webhost requires sacrifices.

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