FTP don't work on my website


I i’m connect to my ftp and i have error message :

Réponse : 331 User cryptoma OK. Password required
Commande : PASS *********
Erreur : Connection interrompue après 20 secondes d’inactivité
Erreur : Impossible d’établir une connexion au serveur
Statut : Attente avant nouvel essai…

Please help me i don’t want loose my source code :frowning:


1 FTP server is being worked on, please be patient :slight_smile:


but on my other website, the host is the same and it’s work !


Hi @Cryptoma

Don’t be scared your files are safe. Please wait until the problem is fixed.

Additionally, can i have your website name?


Thanks for answer !

The website is cryptoma ! :slight_smile: