FTP ERROR failed to open stream: operation failed

Hi, I’m trying to edit my files over FTP but I receive the following error whenever trying to use fopen():

failed to open stream: operation failed

What am I doing wrong? I am using my own FTP to edit the files, and I know it is not the FTP because it works for other websites.

If you let us know your URL we can have a look, if you provide some more information like where you get the error browser, script, FTP client etc.

I get the following error when using an original PHP ftp comand (fopen):

failed to open stream: operation failed

This means there is something wrong with permissions on the site (000webhost).

Gotcha let me know your URL and I can ask developers.

It is something wrong with permissions. I connect to ftp://websiteusername:websitepassword@files.000webhost.com/

I cannot open any files using this ftp path.

Gotcha, let me know your URL and I can query developers.

The FTP or 000webhost?

The 000webhostapp URL :slight_smile:
Or FTP username, both the same really.

The 000webhost is sourceshopper

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I checked your website previous to the issues of tonight and FTP was working fine, I used the repair option and toggled FTP off and on for you.
Let us know how it is going tomorrow please :slight_smile:

I’ve just tested now and all seems well, let us know if you get issues still and provide full connection printout etc and I can push this to a developer.
Make sure to try choosing a new password via our panel and trying that after 5 minutes or so.