FTP Failed to retrieve directory listing


I am using 000Webhost for a class I am taking, and I am supposed to use FTP to upload files to my server. The problem is that when I attempt to connect using FileZilla, I get an error that says “Failed to retrieve directory listing.” It connects fine with my username and password, but cannot get a list of the files and directories. After I get that error, it disconnects automatically saying “connection closed by server.”

What is going on here and how can this be fixed?


Does it work if you use the online file manager?


Yes, the file manager online does work. However I am using this web host for a class I am taking on web app development, and the professor wants us to use FTP, as that is how things are done in a more professional environment. I was able to upload my files the first time using the online file manager, but would prefer to do things the way the professor is asking us to do them.


I’m sorry, I’ve reported your issue to the devs :slight_smile:
(Website in question is?)


https://robertmcs401.000webhostapp.com/ is the site in question. Thanks for the quick responses on a sunday! It is a super basic website from a web app development class I am taking. Starting at the very basic HTML5 level.


Alright, the problem should be solved by Monday, max. Tuesday.


Awesome thanks again for the quick response!