FTP/File Manager down / My Website is sleeping! [READ HERE]


Hi, My website http://tomkredyt.pl is not visible - sleeping for probably all day.


Issue fixed :slight_smile:


can you tell me why my site is always sleeping?
********* incompetent *********!


trying to sign into my file manager and its saying i have wrong credentials (looks to be the same issue as we had last week)


I initially created Setting Sleep Time on Free Plan but cannot reply anymore (topic closed).

I still cannot change the sleep time (I have tried both the latest Firefox and also Google Chrome).
The update button is disabled.

There is a a related post (not by me) at I cant change sleep time

If you can change the sleep time for https://josephmoviereviews.000webhostapp.com/ to 2:00 am until 3:00 am (UTC -8) , it would be appreciated.


Apparently, the FTP Servers are up, but no-one can log in. Correct login credentials fail to log me in to the online file manager, and people seem to have problems with connecting using clients as well.

Would you please actually have functional servers running instead of the false advertisement connected to, on one hand, not being able to access your service, and on the other, showing it to be up and running?


Any screenshots of your issue?



Hi, my site contogatti.000webhostapp.com is always sleeping even if the CP is showing as available and the timeout sleeping has gone.

Can you help?


This has been an ongoing issue every time I come to work! It works, then it’s down; it works, then it’s down. Over and Over! If this is going to be a continuous problem, I’ll just move elsewhere.



Same issue here and on my thread at least one other reported it so is a host issue for sure being we’re all experiencing it!


I’m contacting the emergency devs.


Why FTP is down everytime ???


Either the redirect to FTP takes 15-20 minutes and/or it says that I’ve got the wrong account credentials
Cant access file manager… but can access database, wtf is this?


help, the site has retired from the search engine index due to sleep.
how do I wake up the site? I do not mind that he slept but only one hour a day




post the links in this thread and someone is usually quick to wake it back up.

My understanding is they are having an issue with the sleep feature so have suspended it’s use until they can sort out the issue but some websites do still sleep and they have to wake it up.

Happened to me also but they woke it up and has been fine since regarding the sleep issue!



sites are still asleep


Since all websites that are waken up are re-oversleeping the second day, we’re closing this topic.
We will inform you when we get the new servers! :slight_smile:



OK first question relates to FTP is there an issue right now with FTP as I know mine works but today when I try to log in via Filezilla I get the follow

Blockquote Status: Resolving address of files.000webhost.com
Status: Connecting to xxxxxxxx
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Status: Initializing TLS…
Status: Verifying certificate…
Status: TLS connection established.
Command: USER xxxxxxxxx
Response: 331 User xxxxxxxxx OK. Password required
Command: PASS *********
Response: 530 Login authentication failed
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

for safety in case it matters have X’ed out my ID and the IP address. But as I said nothing in my FTP program has changed and I was logging in fine the other day without issue so have to think there is an issue going on.

Second relates to my account the one I am logged into now. I go in and I see my ID at the top so I know I have it pulled up but when I go into file manager there is nothing displaying in there despite me having a full website uploaded.

Any ideas on these two issues?