FTP/File Manager down / My Website is sleeping! [READ HERE]



ftp complitly not works… connectiom is very good


Yes, we are having FTP issues.


Have not been able to use FTP since the migration early this year… and have not been able to use file manager since last week.

Thanks in advance.


FTP Server is down yesterday, now the team are working on it ,you need to clear your browser cache.
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I can’t access to my files by ftp or using the file manager, can you help me please.


What is happening? :slight_smile:


Hi, im trying to access to my files by file manager on my cpanel but delay too much, and then appear Log in details are not correct, yesterday its works but now again show the same problem, sorry i hope dont bother you, thanks for your attention.


6 FTP monitors down due to servers limit.


I understand, but it can be fixed?


It’s normal to get those FTP downtime, until we receive the new servers. (Not too far in the feature)


Hi @ckhawand, I’m teaching a class with 80 students, many of which have been unable to use FTP/File Manager to access their websites for a couple of days now (including mine – website name “guidolang”). By when can we expect these issues to be resolved? Thanks in advance.


Sorry to announce we are having an FTP downtime (again).
Best thing is to purchase a paid plan ((90% off because black friday)) and grant them access using their emails.


Thanks, i hope can be resolve soon, i’ll be waiting, have a great day.


Unfortunately, each student is using their own (free) plan. I just need to know when, roughly, the FTP/File Manager issues will be resolved – are we talking hours, days, or weeks?


Should be by days. :confused:


This is the most absolute ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Black Friday? Really? Purchase a Paid Plan? Really??? Black Friday has nothing to do with your server issues… my FTP has had down issues since Wednesday morning! And why the heck would anyone want to give y’all money w/these services?


Because we have hit our servers resources limits, and our paid company has got different servers


File manager:

Log in details are not correct.


[10:28:06] Winsock 2.2 – OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015
[10:28:14] [R] Connecting to files.000webhost.com -> DNS=files.000webhost.com IP= PORT=21
[10:28:14] [R] Connected to files.000webhost.com
[10:28:14] [R] 220 ProFTPD Server (000webhost.com) [::ffff:]
[10:28:14] [R] USER a2708816
[10:28:15] [R] 331 User a2708816 OK. Password required
[10:28:15] [R] PASS (hidden)
[10:28:33] [R] 530 Login authentication failed
[10:28:33] [R] Connection failed (Connection closed by server)


Yes, we’re having FTP issues.